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Sweetest Taboo: The Fascination with the Black Woman

by loverzquarrel

What is society’s love/hate relationship with the black woman? It is like they are determined to typecast us based on their skewed view of us. Either we are stoic and unapproachable with our twisted necks and rolled eyes, or over-presentational sexiness with our tight fitted clothing and lack of self-respect. There are so many types of stereotypes that try and speak to the black woman but we are multi-faceted not simply black or white we are shades of grey both inside and out.

After reading Paige Tutt’s article “How 5 Stereotypical Online Profiles Exposed the Fetishization of Black Women. One hates what they do not understand. The black woman like the black man has been misunderstood for ages. We cannot be simply put into a box and perceive in a prejudicial manner. I am saying get to know us personally. Tutt touched on online dating which exposed society’s fascination with the black woman. And how society wants to pigeon-hole her into whom they perceive her to be. We are tired of perpetuating a myth. Take me as I am or nothing at all.

It is almost as if we are not allowed to identify with ourselves without fear of intimidating someone else. We have to place everyone else’s needs above our own.

We cannot even have a healthy sexual side we’re either asexual or hypersexual. Society is fascinated with the sensuality of the black woman. They have a fetish for our skin, complexion, body, and our mind. They don’t understand us so they try to define us based on their standards. Once they frowned upon our thick backside now they are dying to have one of their own.

We set the standard and they emulate us relentlessly. Although imitation is the highest form of flatter self love matters more. Yes we tend to fascinate society with our beauty. Unapologetic and not seeking your approval.

Ain’t I a Woman, Sojourner Truth proclaimed proudly. We are both black and proud of it. Your fascinate is actually an obsession. You neec help. We want you to accept you as you are not the myth you proclaim tp be.

What is society’s obsession with our hue? Will society ever be cured? Share your thoughts below.


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