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Inspire You!

by loverzquarrel

Monday Motivation

Be Your Own Inspiration!

Who or what inspires you the most? Many times in life we look to people or things to inspire us. Whether it is inspirational quotes or stories from others, or things that bring us inspiration like stones or plaques? While these are nice and inspirational we need to look to ourselves for a good source of inspiration.

The most attractive power is self-motivation. Everyone loves a self starter. One who can get going without anyone else’s encouragement.  I will admit I am guilty of waiting for someone else to push me toward success. I use to be a go-getter so I know it is embedded in my soul. But for whatever reason at this point in my life I lack self-motivation. It is so discouraging. Everyone else is doing it for themselves yet I am just watching and waiting for some cosmic event to get me started on my journey. Lord knows I do not need anymore major pitfalls to catapult me into success. I have to truly believe I am destined for greatness. There is no rest for the great ones. I have to plug away while my mind and body is young and fresh. I have to make wiser decisions which will have a domino affect in my life. Too many times I have been afraid to execute an excellent plan of action because I was afraid it might actually work. What would happen if I could really attain something as invaluable as getting my license? Or regaining my financial freedom? I have to truly push myself more than ever. All my procrastinating keeps me in failure status.

You cannot get complacent in misery. It makes for a strange bedfellow. We call it the comfort zone when really it is a dead zone where dreams are deferred and failure is inevitable. You have to want more for yourself. What makes you truly happy? It cannot be money or love. What gives you peace of mind? What truly makes me happy is that I can have financial freedom by properly preparing my budget and sticking to it. Any extra money goes straight into savings. I can be happy knowing I have money for a rainy day. The peace of mind is that I can look to myself in my time of need. Self sufficiency feels good.

So start today what has been holding you back? What have you been afraid to embark on? Share your thoughts below. 





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